How Refreshing...

June 7, 2006
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In this MSNBC story, a woman in the Netherlands found a frog in her salad at Burger King. One thing is remarkable.  She reported it and they apologized and are investigating it.  What she isn’t doing is suing anyone for emotional distress or some other nonesense.  Sure its unnerving and Burger King should stop it from ever happening again, but as the article states:

“Large compensation suits are virtually unknown in the Netherlands.”

Sure, I’d be upset if this happened to me but I certainly hope I would not think that I ‘hit the lottery’ and try to get a large award or settlement because of it.  Compensation suits are definitely needed to redress actual damages and in some cases punitive awards for negligence.  I just don’t think finding a frog in my salad would cause me any real damages except maybe the cost of my meal.

Sure its off topic, but that’s my opinion…