My first 60th Level WoW Character

December 12, 2006
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Everyone else on the planet who has played World of Warcraft for more than a month or two probably has several 60th level characters.  I am a tinkerer…I start characters and delete them with lots of abandon.  In fact, I kept moving servers because I like new servers.  I finally hunkered down and went back to my original server and finished my 60th Level Hunter (some 14 months after I started playing).  Better late than never?

I am looking forward to some end-game instances with my guild as I have solo’d all 60 levels (I don’t play well with others and Hunters aren’t the most requested class in groups).

With this post (and the prior GOW post) it looks like I never get any work done.  Thankfully I don’t have kids that I am ignoring…just my girlfriend, but after 10 years she could use a break ;)