Blog Tag - 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

December 29, 2006
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I was reading Clemens Vasters’ blog this morning when I read about something called Blog Tag started by Jeff Pulver. The idea is to tell five things no one knows about you and tag five other people to do the same.  No one has tagged me, but I’ll start it up here with some of my favorite bloggers:

  1. I started programming professionally when I was in High School using FMS-80 (A multi-user database) on TurboDOS systems (a CP/M derivative).  First program: A Time Billing System.
  2. I gave up programming for two years in my early twenties to become a vagabond. I travelled around Europe playing music on the street. Biggest lesson learned:  take more than $80 and a return flight if you want to succeed.
  3. My favorite quote is by Arthur C. Clarke: “Once is an accident; twice a coincidence; three times…a conspiracy.”
  4. I attended a WinDev talk with the DevelopMentor trio of Don Box, Chris Sells and Tim Ewald and came home telling my girlfriend that “I am going to write articles and books so I can teach at conferences”.  One year later my first article was published by MSJ (now MSDN).
  5. My first name is not irish at all.  I was named after the Native American Tribe of Shawnee.  My middle name is Twain (yes, after Mark).  And I go by “Shawn Twain” when I play music.

There are my five things, I now want to see Chris Sells, Matt Ranlett, Brendon Schwartz, Tim Ewald and Ted Neward to do it.