Next Versions of Windows Resurfacing WinFS?

December 31, 2006
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In this blog entry by James Kyton, he talks about the next versions of Windows (Fiji and Vienna…in that order). Fuji seems to be Vista 1.1 as it is adding features that were dropped.  Of most interest to me is the fact that the WinFS name is rearing is head again.  The article states that for Fiji:

WinFS will be applied over NTFS to give us Virtual Folders (or maybe just Saved Searches)”

And for Vienna:

WinFS (or its sucessor) will replace NTFS. No more drives, or files/folders location to worry about. File Management will be done through applications, which will automaticlly index and sort the files they support.”

No timeframes were mentioned, but I’ve been waiting for WinFS since Cairo was announced so I am not holding my breath.  It still seems to me that creating WinFS by using SQL Server technology makes sense, but until row-level security in the SQL Server engine is supported I don’t see how that will happen.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Fixed mispelling of Fiji.  Thanks whoever pointed it out.