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New Silverlight Downloads Available!
New Silverlight Downloads Available!
April 30, 2007


A myriad of new Silverlight content is now available including a Beta of the Javascript-based Silverlight development and an Alpha of the CLR-Based Silverlight development.  As of this moment the SDK’s aren’t downloading but everything else is…expect it to work in the next hour or so as the MIX keynote isn’t complete yet.

Just to be clear…yes, this means you will be able to create Managed Silverlight apps that run crossplatform…though this is an Alpha so don’t expect to ship the code any time soon.

All the downloads are available here:

It includes:

  • Silverlight 1.0 Beta (The Javascript Model Support) Runtime
  • Silverlight 1.1 Alpha (The CLR Support) Runtime
  • Expression Blend 2 Beta (with Silverlight support)
  • Expression Media Encoder Preview (with Silverlight Support)
  • Sliverlight 1.0 Beta SDK (for use with VS 2005)
  • Silverlight 1.1 Alpha SDK (for use with Orcas Beta 1)
  • ASP.NET Futures - Silverlight Server Controls


UPDATE: The 1.1 Alpha SDK seems to be working, but the 1.0 Beta SDK is still down…hopefully soon!