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Linux Foundation Calls for Respect for Microsoft
Linux Foundation Calls for Respect for Microsoft
August 9, 2007


I’ve been around software and OS’s for a long time and while my bread is buttered to some extent by my continued involvement in Microsoft’s technologies, I’ve waded into Open Source projects here and there. One of the things that has always amazed me is how fast some Open Source projects can achieve in a short time.  I have a lot of admiration for Open Source.

The other side of the coin is that the supporters of Open Source seem to often relish their childish rhetoric.I am immediately turned off of this sort of unyielding acceptance of anything.  It doesn’t matter if it is technological, religious or political. I like well informed discourse.  Using moniker’s like M$, Microserf or other derogatory language isn’t well informed.

To my surprise, I read this article about the Linux Foundation’s call to respect Microsoft for what it does well and compete against them in an adult way (my phrase, not the authors’).  Of particular interest to me what this sentence from the article (not a direct quote):

He also pointed out that many firms shy away from participating on open source mailing lists because discussions there tend to explode into flame wars.

I like this strategy.  Competition is good. Discourse is great. I hope to see this is the same all three sides of the fence (Its not Linux/Microsoft…its Linux/Microsoft/Apple). I hope the idea of respect will gain some momentum.  I hope to achieve this goal for myself.  I want to avoid using phrases like “The Apple Tax” which I seem to like far too often.

What do you think?