Reading Deeper into Scott Guthrie's Silverlight 1.0 Announcement

September 5, 2007
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I was reading Scott Guthrie’s blog entry that announced the Silverlight 1.0 release.  He preps everyone for the Silverlight 1.1 changes in a short blub.  It looks like he’s hinting at features that everyone really wants:

It will support a WPF programming model for UI - including support for an extensible control model, layout management, data-binding, control skinning, and a rich set of built-in controls.

This seems to imply:

  • “Extensible Control Model”: What 1.1 has today, creation of your own controls that are usable in XAML.  Good, but not news.
  • “Layout Management”: Sounds like Grid, StackPanel and other containers from WPF. This is very good news!
  • “Data-Binding”: Very very nice!
  • “Control Skinning”: Templates?
  • “Built-in Controls”: Buttons, TextBox, etc.?  Cool.

This would allow Silverlight 1.1 could complete with Flash/Flex on a level playing field which is cool.  I am not sure its necessary, but I am in the minority.  I fear tha the plugin will become bloated, but so far its stayed pretty svelt so I have my fingers crossed.

What do you think?