Wierd XBox Story...

September 15, 2007
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So as you may know, my XBox died again…but it ended up fine in a wierd way:

When the DVD drive died on Thursday evening, I contacted support and they said they’d send out an empty box to send back right away.  Friday FedEx attempted to deliver a package from the repair center but I wasn’t home.  When I got the door notice from FedEx, I looked it up online to see if I could pick it up.  Oddly, the package had been shipped on Wednesday, two days before my unit failed.  Is Microsoft psycic?  Did they send some magic code down through XBox Live to disable my console?  What is going on?

Well, what happened is that when my last XBox was repaired, they actually cross-shipped a refurbished console.  Something seems to gone haywire and my original console was repaired finally and mailed back to me on Wednesday.  The FedEx package wasn’t an empty box but my old console…coming home like a dog in a bad Disney flick. The repair center was supposed to keep my console since they cross-shipped me a refurb.  In either case, I am back into BioShock and all is well.

My XBox Karma is alive and well it seems…