Heartbeating my Blog

September 24, 2007
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After reading Scott Hanselman’s blog today where he reflects back on his blog over these years, I decided to look into it too.  Interestingly enough Scott and I started our blogs the same month.  Unlike Scott, I’ve always used custom code (was ASP, then ASP.NET) to host my blog.  My RSS engine was hand-built early on and now I use an open source wrapper to build my RSS feed.

What has changed in my content.  I started out wanting to complain about database development, but as you know over the years its transitioned into a place to complain about everything…not just database development. Hopefully I’ve successfully kept my political, religious and trite posts to a minimum.

Here’s a graph of my posts by month:

(click for large version)

My posting has been fairly erattic with some months of no posts and some months of lots. My trend is towards more posts but I’d like to fit somewhere between quality and quantity.  In a simple average, I have been doing about eleven posts a month over the past five and a half years. That’s not bad. I try and not post daily but sometimes there is a lot to say.

Finally, I took up the cause from Scott Hanselman’s blog, and created a badge based on his to show off the heartbeat of my site.

I doubt I will do anything like a greatest hits, but I will keep pounding on Microsoft’s data access strategies as well as Silverlight, XBox and the occassional movie.  If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog half as much as I have enjoyed writing it, then I’ve enjoyed writing it about twice as much as you have reading it.