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Which Silverlight Runtime for Development?
Which Silverlight Runtime for Development?
November 7, 2007


I am rebuilding the VMWare images for my Silverlight Workshop coming up in San Francisco next week.  With the melt-down of the Orcas Beta 2 VPC’s, I’ve had to rebuild the image again (knowing that by the end of the month i’ll get to do it again with the RTM).

One curiousity is that installing the 1.0 and 1.1 runtimes on a machine got everything very confused.  Suddently my 1.0 apps would show the “install” Silverlight button.  Thinking that something got fuddled, I clicked the button and tried to reinstall the 1.0 runtime to get the dreaded “installation failed, there is a newer version of the runtime installed”.  Huh?

To fix this error, I uninstalled all the runtimes and insalled *only* the 1.1 runtime.  And it worked.  Somewhere between Beta of 1.0 and RTM of 1.0 they merged the runtimes so the 1.1 runtime supercedes the 1.0 runtime.  If you want both installed, just install the 1.1 runtime.  Voila, everyone happy again.