MLB's Silverlight Usage...

March 11, 2008
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As you might know, I am an avid baseball fan so I am listening to spring training baseball via I’d heard about the use of Silverlight by MLB being a big deal which is cool.  Here’s the view of the audio player:

Of interest to me is that the left side (the media player) is indeed Silverlight, but the right hand-side (the game info) is still Flash.  I wonder if this is a transition step or if they are going to use both technologies for the long term.

Also, when you choose full-screen, it actually just creates a large window (not Silverlight full-screen mode).  I think this is more than just because they are using Flash for the right-hand side…but also because they want to serve ads (many of which are Flash based). This is the reason I’ve lobbied for a “Frame” control in Silverlight but no word yet…