Uploading and Silverlight

May 15, 2008
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I was teaching the Silverlight Tour this week and a student asked me some advice on how to implement uploading status messages using Silverlight.  The question stuck in my brain last night and I came up with a quick example but quickly hit the 4MB upload limit of standard ASP.NET Requests.  I knew I could create a web-service or web page that could handle chunking the larger pieces but I was concerned about the problem of incomplete transfers and leaving a mess on my web server’s disks.

It seemed to me there had to already be a solution that I could adapt for Silverlight.  After a quick Twitter plead, Jon Galloway had a great link for me that had already done it in Silverlight (though it might be Silverlight 1.1).  Wilco Bauwer had a good example using Silverlight and a HttpHandler to do uploads to ASP.NET.  Follow the link above for a solution.  I suggest getting the code and reading it.  What he is doing is pretty interesting and informative.