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Welcome to!
Welcome to!
July 1, 2008

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After a heavy month of re-creating the website (using ASP.NET’s new routing framework, not a full ASP.NET MVC), I am finally ready to launch my new blog site. The old ADO Guy website is now!

As most of you know, I have been dipping into a lot of different waters and the moniker of ADO Guy has no longer been descriptive enough. Sure I won’t every abandon my database-centric view of the world.  Please update your links.  I’ve attempted to keep as many of the old URL’s working but I am apt to have missed some.  Please let me know when you  find them. All of the old content should now be available on the new site.

The old address will stay around a while, but please update your feeds to point to:

Enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

UPDATE: Bad Feed Address.  Please use