Silverlight 2 NHibernate.LINQ == Sweet

July 20, 2008
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UPDATE: Looks like I uncovered a ADO.NET Data Services bug in FF3.  The examples will only work with IE and Safari at the moment.

After a couple of weeks on and off the project, I finally finished the first stab at adding ADO.NET Data Services support to NHibernate.LINQ. To accomplish this I’ve added three features:

  • Support for IUpdateable to support full NHibernate CRUD.
  • Support for a new Expand extension method to do eager loading via the LINQ interface.  (The Expand method is similar to Entity Framework’s Include method.)
  • Finally, using the Expand extension method, I implemented the IExpandProvider interface to allow for expansions via the REST API.

These changes have been posted to the NHContrib project (where the NHibernate.LINQ lives) to allow the committers to validate and add it to new versions of the project. I am sure that it will need some refactoring and tweaking but the basics are done.

In addition, I’ll be finishing up my discussion of implementing the IUpdateable interface pretty soon to help those of you adding this support to your projects. I’ll also be blogging about how I added the IExpandProvider to help those of you trying to add that to your projects (or even to LINQ to SQL).

To prove out this new support, I’ve launched a new version of my Simple ADO.NET Data Services project with a NHibernate flavor.  Go visit to see it working.  In addition, I updated that sample to include paging support to make it a little more performant.

Let me know what you think.