Olympics Without Silverlight?

August 8, 2008
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Silverlight Logo
UPDATE: Silverlight is now required to view the video…it no longer allows a downgraded experience.

I’ve been poking around the NBC-Olympic site.  There has been consternation that Flash is used on the site too.  The deal has been that the video playing would be done using Silverlight (which is why I am linking to The enhanced player is really a nice design and it lets you view four events at once and see real-time stats.  Impressive.

To dig deeper like I like to do, I decided to see what the experience would be like for people who don’t have Silverlight installed.  This is the prompt I get from the site:

What’s interesting to me is that you can view video without Silverlight, but you get a better experience with Silverlight.  If you can proceed without it, I wonder how many installations this will actually create.  I am sure still a big #, but it would be nice to have required it…oh well.