What I Use for Silverlight Development

March 12, 2009
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I was recently re-paving my machine and thought that it might be fun to show off what I use to prepare a machine for Silverlight development…so here goes:

Anything I missed that you can’t live without?

UPDATE: Great feedback found some more I failed to list:

  • Reflector: View approximations of the real code and metadata of .NET assemblies (works with Silverlight assemblies too).
  • Silverlight Spy: A great way to look at how Silverlight Applications work and works with reflector to see the code too.
  • Paint.NET: An open source image editor that does most of what I need for simple image editing, sizing and touch-ups for free!
  • Silverlight Extensions: Another control library with some cool features.
  • Blacklight Silverlight Controls: A great free suite of controls unlike I’ve seen anywhere else.