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Silverlight Tour and Silverlight Firestarter both coming to Washington, DC
Silverlight Tour and Silverlight Firestarter both coming to Washington, DC
May 22, 2009


A few weeks left before the Silverilght Tour hits Washington, DC for Silverlight 2 and 3! If you want to be ready for the next version of Silverlight, this is the place to be.

On June 16-18th in Washington, DC our three-day Silverlight workshop is going to teach the latest features of Silverlight 3 as well as the complete Silverlight 2 stack.

The new features we are covering include:

  • Out of the Browser Support
  • Pixel Shaders
  • Hardware Graphic Accelleration
  • Behaviors
  • Navigation Framework
  • Blend 3
  • Binding Improvements
  • Secure Web Services
  • Binary XML Transport
  • RIA Services Client Controls
  • Text Rendering Improvements
  • Render Caching
  • And more…

To sign up for the class or hold a seat, visit the registration site:

Washington DC Silverlight FirestarterOn June 6th, the Cap Area Silverlight SIG will be holding a Silverlight Firestarter in Washington, DC as well (free).  The Silverlight Firestarter is “A Silverlight Fire Starter is a one-day event providing developers and designers information on the concept behind Silverlight as a technology, what tools are useful in development and the knowledge in order to start building their own applications.”

Their agenda includes:

  • Keynote and Intro
  • Building a basic Silverlight Application (with Databinding)
  • Using Expression Blend
  • Lightning Talks at Lunch
  • Intro to Silverlight 3
  • Lessons Learned - Bringing your existing skills to Silverlight
  • Open Panel / Q&A

We will be giving away a free seat to the class at that free event. You can register for the event here: