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Giving Up Chrome as My Default Browser
Giving Up Chrome as My Default Browser
May 27, 2009


UPDATE: I killed off all the Chrome windows on my machine and this behavior stopped…very very wierd.

For the past few months, I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser since its ridiculously fast. It starts up fast and renders fast. I was never a FireFox Addin addict, so I never missed them.

But I’ve noticed that the ‘AddressBar’ on Chrome doesn’t allow me to type in an address.  It only issues search.  I’ve tried to change this behavior to no avail.  I don’t want every address I type in to become a search (and hint Google at what I care about) so I am giving up Chrome as a browser (except to test my sites against it).  Here’s a video where I show different ways of using the AddressBar that always does a search:

UPDATE: Most people on (I think the non-dev Channel) are not seeing this. Perhaps its my use of the Development Channel.  Let’s see once the Dev Channel updates.