Silverlight 4 Beta Announced!

November 18, 2009
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As noted in Scott Guthrie’s keynote early, Silverlight 4 is now in beta.  But what does that mean to you? Silverlight 4 Beta does not have a go-live license, so if you’re building something to be released soon, I would stick with Silverlight 3. In contrast if you’re working on a longer term project, especially a line-of business application, you’d be crazy to not look at Silverlight 4. Here are some of the major changes in this release:


  • Printing Support
  • Implicit Styling
  • WebCam/Microphone Support
  • RichTextArea Control
  • Right-Mouse Button Events
  • Drag-n-Drop/Clipboard Access
  • UDP/Multicast Support in Networking

Out of the Browser Improvements

  • Elevated Trust
  • WebBrowser Control
  • Controlling the Window
  • Notification Windows (e.g. Outlook popup’s)
  • COM Integration

Data Binding Improvements

  • Binding to DependencyObjects (used to be FrameworkElement)
  • StringFormat Markup Extension
  • TargetNullValue Markup Extension
  • FallbackValue Markup Extension
  • Support for IDataErrorInfo and new INotifyDataErrorInfo for reporting validation errors.
  • Binding to String Indexers
  • GroupDescription support on CollectionViewSource for simplified grouping.

That’s a splendid list of improvements.  I will be writing blog entries about some of my favorites this week.  So keep an eye out for some examples!