In a Perfect World? Build Conference Wishes

BuildConferenceI am headed to Build Windows next week and I have a lot of hopes for the conference. I haven’t been to a conference as an attendee alone in quite a long time. I am anxious to see what the v.Next is out of Redmond.

I didn’t get to go to the 2000 PDC that changed everything…so I really wanted to be here for this conference. Is this going to change everything again?  I have no earthly idea but I hope for a mix of new and old. 

Here is what will happen at Build if this were a perfect world:

  • XAML figures prominently in building Windows 8 applications.
  • Silverlight and HTML5 both can be used to build applications.
  • Windows Phone and Windows 8 have a great synergy (like iOS/OS X).
  • Keynotes won’t include all sorts of gimmicky language like WP7’s unveiling.
  • Microsoft embraces both ends of the spectrum (e.g. C++ and Javascript) for Windows 8 development (along with .NET).
  • When IE10 is talked about, the arrogance that we saw at MIX is long-gone.
  • .NET isn’t sidetracked.
  • Windows 8 development model is extended to Xbox and Windows Phone.
  • I get to see all the great people I love at conferences.
  • Attendees get that great looking Samsung tablet that’s rumored.

Here’s crossing my fingers.

(NOTE: I’ve been asked a lot lately about what is happening at Build Windows. To be clear, I have no idea what is going to happen…but you should keep your eyes out to see what’s happening.)

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