I am Coming to Washington DC for 2 Classes

October 24, 2011
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If you are in the Washington, DC area (or are close enough to fly), I am coming to teach two courses just after Thanksgiving.

The Silverlight Tour

The first is my newly revamped Silverlight Tour course that has been updated for Silverlight 5. This three-day course includes information on how to build line-of-business applications using Silverlight. Topics include:

  • Designing with XAML
  • Data Binding
  • Using MVVM
  • Unit Testing with Silverlight
  • Accessing Services with Silverlight

If you’re trying to get up to speed with the latest version of Silverlight, or are new to XAML-based development – this is the course for you. Free with every attendance to the Silverlight Tour are several key tools:

If you signup before November 2nd, you get the early-bird pricing of $1,695 for the course! You can register for the event being held on Nov 30-Dec 2nd here:

If you would like an outline of the course, get it here!

Web Development for XAML Developers

In addition, I am debuting a brand new course called “Web Development for XAML Developers”. In this two-day course I help XAML developers take their design, data binding and MVVM knowledge and apply it to client-side web development. This course will cover

  • Comparing HTML5 and XAML
  • JavaScript and Managed Code
  • Making Sense of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Understanding jQuery
  • JavaScript Basics including Object Oriented JavaScript and using JSON
  • Working with Services
  • Implementing MVVM on the Web with KnockoutJS

Since this is our first holding of this course, we’re introducing a special pricing for this and only this event of $1,295 ($200 off). If you register before Halloween, you can get an additional $300 off (for a final price of $995)! You can register for November 28-29th event for this special price here:

You can get an outline of the course here.