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What I do...
What I do...
March 1, 2012

I’ve heard a lot of people wonder what’s going on behind my privacy curtain. If you follow me on twitter or notice the time of some of my blog posts, you might conjecture that I never sleep. That argument is not completely without merit. But it got me to thinking that it would be good if I wrote a short post explaining the types of things I do.

My work life is split amongst several types of work:

  • Training
  • Advice
  • Entrepreneurship


I own AgiliTrain and we do both public courses as well as onsite face-to-face training. We’re focused on XAML, Mobile and Web Development.

In addition to AgiliTrain courseware, I also write online courses for PluralSight. My courses include:


In addition to training, I also work with select companies to help them with their software efforts. I do not contribute as a software developer, but instead help companies with vision, review and architecture. This includes:

  • Software Envisioning
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Code Reviews
  • Mentoring and Team Building

My goal in these efforts is to help enable companies to build great software by helping get the most out of their existing talent.


I am building a business as well ( in which I use the technologies that I teach and advise on. This allows me to take the technologies that I am helping companies use in real-world scenarios and learn the best practices on real-world usage of these technologies.

How to Reach Me

If you’re looking for training or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information: