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Quick Tip: Show WinRT XAML Binding Errors
Quick Tip: Show WinRT XAML Binding Errors
April 4, 2012

I saw a tip by Tim Heuer on a StackOverflow question about how to show binding errors in the Output window of managed WinRT (e.g. Metro-style) XAML projects. Tim mentioned that:

You get this automatically for C++ applications and for managed applications you have to turn on unmanaged debugging to see them.

Since I had a hard time finding it, I thought I’d drop a quick image to help you find it. You have to go to your project properties and look at the Debug tab:

4-4-2012 2-09-11 AM

With this, you get the tried and true binding failures that you might already be used to in Silverlight or WPF. Wahoo!