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PhoneGap and Windows 8
PhoneGap and Windows 8
March 5, 2013

I’ve created a new example of a PhoneGap app for my talk at the Atlanta Windows Apps meeting. The talk I did tonight didn’t go all that well, but I got it working and the result is something you can download and see how to use a minimum of WinJS to build your Windows 8 apps.

The example PhoneGap app sourcecode can be found on GitHub:

Additionally, you can see the Win8 version by downloading the project I built during the talk:

During the talk, the Demo Gods hated me and it crashed. I wanted to point to what was different. It seems that the jQuery version I was using (1.9.1) causes a problem with Windows 8. By going back to jQuery 1.8.3 everything was fine. I also finished out the Privacy Policy we discussed during the talk (to pass certification, you must have a privacy policy from the Settings Charm). See the example for what has changed.

If you were interested in the slides, you can get them here in PDF form: