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Hello World Podcast Changes
Hello World Podcast Changes
October 26, 2014

Last November when I decided to start the Hello World Podcast, I wasn’t sure how long I could sustain it. I’m having fun doing the show and getting to speak to the most amazing people in our field. I’m most surprised by the different stories.

Because I started with a computer as a kid and then just fell into software, I thought I’d get that story over and over again. But that’s not been the case for the most part. I’ve heard from people who were in medical school, fighter pilots, retail management, and even people who thought they hated writing software. It’s been an amazing year.

It’s been a crazy year for me. As many of you know I got married, got rid of most of my worldly possessions and I am travelling the world for a year ( So sustaining the show and everything else I am doing has been a bit of a chore. Scheduling guests when you’re six to ten hours difference in time zones has been a challenge. Hoping to get decent internet service so that we can do the calls over Skype has been more difficult than I imagined. But I’ve been able to make it work. I really enjoy the interviews, but the work of processing the show every week is tiring. That’s why I am ready to make a small change to the podcast.

I’ve decided to pull back a bit. I am still going to do the podcast, but we’ll release the first day of every month instead of weekly. We’ll still have the same great guests, just not as frequently. I hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast half as much as I enjoy doing it, it is just going to be a bit less frequent than before.

Thanks everyone for listening and supporting the podcast…it’s been extremely gratifying to hear your feedback!