The Future of project.json in ASP.NET Core

May 12, 2016
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If you’re not paying attention to Twitter, the ASP.NET Standup or the Github repositories, you might be missing a big change coming to ASP.NET Core. Now is time to add your opinion so that Microsoft can make the right move.

I suggest you read up on the change and make your voice heard if you have an opinion. My opinion is pretty clearly stated in the GitHub discussion so I won’t bother to repeat it here, but I’m asking you to get involved.


Microsoft has decided after the RTM of the ASP.NET Core framework to phase out project.json and use MSBuild for build data. They’ve not decided whether to keep the NuGet dependencies in a pared down project.json (maybe renamed to nuget.json) or whether to just allow for a command-line action like “nuget install dependency --save” to mirror what other package managers do.

The Announcement

The decision is to phase out **project.json **in deference to MSBuild. The original discussion on the ASP.NET Standup is here:

You can read the “Notes from the ASP.NET Standup” here that discusses it too:

Please view and read these to understand the issue and voice your opinion!

Where to Voice Your Opinion

The main place to add your voice is the discussion thread on GitHub:

Thanks for helping steer the direction of ASP.NET Core!