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Help Me Finish 'Hello World: The Film'
Help Me Finish 'Hello World: The Film'
May 5, 2018

As I expect most of you already know, I’m making a documentary film about software developers called “Hello World: The Film”. I’ve started a crowd funding campaign to help me finish the film.

If you’re a software developer or just know one, you might be interested in helping me make this film a reality. The film delves into the mind of software developers and the history of the business.

Crowd Funding Video

You can contribute here:

What’s the Film About?

The film is structured into three acts:

  1. The story of who developers are, why they do what they do, and how they are impacting the world we live in.
  2. The history of development and the lack of inclusion in software development.
  3. The future of software development including the importance of security and the impact of automation on our society.

Who’s in the Film?

While the list of interviews is not complete, we’ve either interviewed or planned to interview a range of coders, researchers, and educators including:

  • John Romero (co-founder of id Software)
  • Gary May (Chancellor of UC Davis)
  • Maria Klawe (President of Harvey Mudd College)
  • Richard Campbell (Co-host of .NET Rocks Podcast)
  • Scott Hanselman (Coder, Blogger, Teacher, Speaker, Author)
  • Chris Sells (Author and Speaker)
  • Ted Neward (The Dude of Software Development)
  • Barry Dorrans (Security Dude and World-Class Cynic)
  • Deborah Kurata (Independent Consultant and Author)
  • Julie Lerman (Mentor and Author)
  • Glenn Block (Coder and Product Visionary)
  • John Papa (Author and Evangelist)
  • Phil Haack (Open Source Advocate)
  • James Chambers (Open Source Advocate)
  • Donna Malayeri (Product Manager)
  • Joe Ficara (Coder and Teacher)
  • Kesha Williams (Coder and Speaker)
  • And more…

Every dollar helps! Thanks to everyone who has contributed already!