Hello World Film: From the Cutting Room Floor #1

September 15, 2019
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Unless you you haven’t been paying attention to me or my blog the last three years, you know that I’ve been working on a film. The feature-length documentary is about my love for the software industry and the lack of diversity that I see in it.

I am trying to raise enough money to finish the film. It’s been a three-year project where I’ve interviewed over fifty people across several continents. I’ve talked to developers, educators, and industry leaders about what there is to love about the job that most of us do. We’ve edited the film and had a couple of test screenings so we’re close to being done.

In fact, I shot so much footage that many of the topics I wanted to covered got cut from the film. That has left me with the opportunity to make some short films that covered several of these topics. The first of these is now available:

If this sort of film is interesting you to, please consider helping me complete the film. The goal is to get it to film festivals next year so we can get it onto a streaming platform (e.g. Netflix, Amazon) for viewing as soon as possible. By contributing to the film, you can get your own early copy of the film or even have me host the film at your event. Check out the crowd funding campaign here:

Thanks for helping this film get made!