Crowdfunding My New Film

January 14, 2022
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This is an important day for me. As many of you know, I’ve become a little bit of a film maker over the past few years. I feel like it’s been building up to this new film I’ve spent the last two years making.

For the past couple of decades I’ve been working through the fear, shame and damage from being sexually abused as a child. It has impacted so many parts of my life. It still lingers with me.

I felt it was important to talk about how childhood sexual abuse affects men in our society. The battle again machismo and social expections of manhood made it difficult for me to find some level of recovery for my abuse. My sincere hope is that exposing the experience might help some men regain trust, health and confidence in the world.

For the film, I’ve interviewed seven very courageous men as well as several therapists that are helping men recover. The result with by my film: “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine”. Here’s a teaser:

To contribute to the post-production of the film, please follow this link: