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My Nuget Packages
My Nuget Packages
January 29, 2024

It’s been a while, huh? I haven’t been blogging much (as I’ve been dedicating my time to my YouTube channel) - so I thought it was time to give you a quick update. I have a series of Nuget packages that I’ve created to help with .NET Core development. Let’s take a look:


This is my newest package. It adds support to use FluentValidation as an endpointfilter in Minimal APIs. To install:

> dotnet add package MinimalApis.FluentValidation

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I created this package to support structuring your Minimal APIs. It has a sourcegenerator that will register all your Minimal APIs with one call in startup. The strategy here was to avoid having to put anything in the DI layer, since Minimal APIs are static lambas. To install:

> dotnet add package WilderMinds.MinimalApiDiscovery

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This is a small package I created so I create a wrapper around the complexity of writing images to Azure Blog Storage. Take a look! To install:

> dotnet add package WilderMinds.AzureImageStorageService

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This is an older package I wrote to handle the MetaWeblog API in my own blog. This API is used for some tools to post new blog entries. To install it:

> dotnet add package WilderMinds.MetaWeblog

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Another package I wrote to support my blog, but some people find it useful. In early .NET Core, there wasn’t a solution for exposing a RSS feed from some content. This package does just that: To install it:

> dotnet add package WilderMinds.RssSyndication

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Finally, a small Nuget package to allow you to inject the Swagger Heirarchy plugin for Swagger/OpenAPI to create levels of hierarchies in your swagger conigurations. Install it here:

> dotnet add package WilderMinds.SwaggerHierarchySupport

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