My First Day as a Magenic Consultant

July 28, 2004
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I just joined Magenic Technology as a Consultant and they put me at a client right away.  Its been so long since I commuted to a job that it was kinda wierd getting up at 6am and driving for an hour.  After a couple of years of getting up at the crack of noon and working till late into the night, this is a great change…of course after a couple weeks of this, I may not like it but we’ll see.

Right out of the box I am getting to work with Rocky Lhotka’s CSLA.NET business object framework.  If you know me, you know I have been living and breathing DataSets for several years now.  Rocky and I have always been at the opposite ends of the business object discussion.  I know there are pros and cons to both of our points of view.  I suspect as I use his framework over the next few weeks that my opinions will either strengthen or weaken.  Keep tuned in…