Codename "WPF/E" and Expression Toolset

December 5, 2006
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For me, one of the compelling “WPF/E” stories is the toolset.  Like WPF, the Expression toolset is meant to fully support “WPF/E”.  Currently the new Expression Design (was Expression Designer) support export to “WPF/E” XAML.  Expression Blend at this time doesn’t support “WPF/E” natively but with a little coaxing I have demos that show it working that i’ll be showing off soon.

The interesting bit is Expression Media which will enable Video producers to create video pre-built with “WPF/E” XAML wrappers ala SoapBox and YouTube.

For those who haven’t read it on other blogs, here’s my take on the Expression Studio tools:

  • Expression Design: An Adobe Illustrator-like designer.
  • Expresion Blend: A XAML editor that integrates with Visual Studio project files to provide seemless XAML editing without having to ‘throw the design over the wall’ to developers.
  • Expression Web: FrontPage v.Next.  Better and more powerful, but I think it is really aimed at that level of user.
  • Expression Media: A full featured media editor for support with post-production work (e.g. intros, outros, watermarking, etc.).