Microsoft Won't Fix Simple Silverlight-Expression Bug? (UPDATED)

November 28, 2007
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The feedback system that Microsoft uses seems broken.  It works well in letting us know what they are doing, but the MS team never seems to tell us why they aren’t going to fix something.  Its really frustrating to spend the time to try and alert them to a problem and to feel brushed off.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why development teams have to prioritize some bugs and features over another…but at least a single sentence from the team saying why they didn’t think a bug is worth fixing isn’t much to ask.

The bug I reported seemed to be such a simple one, that I am surprised its not fixed.  The problem stems from the fact that Silverlight uses a completely different attribute for determining how a media file plays in an MediaElement than does WPF does.  I can’t imagine why its different but it is:


<MediaElement Source="somefile.wmv" LoadedBehavior="Manual" />


<MediaElement Source="somefile.wmv" AutoPlay="false" />

Any ideas why they wouldn’t fix Expression to allow the designer to set this?

UPDATE: It seems that complaining can actually help! If you follow this link you’ll see that a Blend PM (Steve White) apologizes for this.  I hope that other bugs like this get the attention that Steve gave…especially for people who don’t blog obsessively like I do.