Silverlight Data at Atlanta Code Camp

March 14, 2009
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I originally had cancelled my talks at the Atlanta Code Camp because I was going to be in San Francisco and didn’t think I could fly in the same day and give my talks. At the last minute I asked the code camp guys if they had room for an ad-hoc session and they had a cancellation so it worked out.

After a redeye flight from San Francisco to Atlanta, I finally made my way up to the Atlanta Code Camp (after a lengthy nap at home). I had a bunch of slides, but we mostly avoided the slide-dance and I wrote a data-driven site from scratch for the attendees. It was fun going from WCF to Data Services to separation of the UI in a single talk. I hope the attendees enjoyed the talk.

Here is a copy fo the code if you’re interested:

I also mentioned my Silverlight 2 example which can be found here: