Reminder: Advanced Silverlight Workshop

March 18, 2009
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Coming up on March 30-31st, we will be holding our first Advanced Silverlight Workshop in Atlanta. This new class expands on the Silverlight Tour Workshop. This new class requires that students have a working knowledge of Silverlight and teaches the next level of Silverlight design, development and architecture.

The class covers:

**Building Composite Applications **

  • Separating Concerns
  • View-Model-ViewModel
  • Composition with Prism
  • Working with Large Teams

**TDD with Silverlight **

  • Using the Test Framework
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Build Integration

**Managing Data **

  • Picking a Data Layer
  • Change Management
  • Security of Data in Silverlight
  • Integration with Existing Data Layers

**Custom Controls **

  • Why a Custom Control
  • Derivation Schemes
  • Custom Containers
  • Control Templates
  • Supporting Blend

Visit the AgiliTrain website to register or just hold a seat for the upcoming class.