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What I Am Up To...
What I Am Up To...
July 8, 2009

For my loyal readers of this blog, you’ve probably noticed the blog has had a lot of announcements lately and not a lot of content. That’s on purpose.  With the release of Silverlight 3 being scheduled for this Friday, I’ve been holding back on my Silverlight content until that happens.  So check back this weekend for some, hopefully, interesting discussions!

Also, as the fall slowly approaches I am getting my conference schedule ready and its busy, busy, busy.  Here are my upcoming conference appearances:

  • DevLink: August 13-15, Nashville, TN
  • Silverlight Firestarter, August 22nd, Atlanta, GA
  • DevReach: October 12-13, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • October 17, Kraków, Poland
  • SDN Conference: October 19-20, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • OreDev: November 2-6, Malmö, Sweden

Of course I am still teaching the Silverlight Tour and the Advanced Silverlight Workshop now that Silverlight 3 is about to release.  Its going to be a very interesting year!