Upcoming Appearances

February 4, 2010
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Since I am never at home anyway, I figured it would make sense to more conferences this year.  I love doing talks at these conferences and getting the hard questions from attendees. If you’re at any of these events, don’t be shy about coming up and saying hi. I’ll be at a number of events talking my favorite topics: Silverlight and Data!

Here are the upcoming events:


March 15-17, 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

The Designer/Developer/Web conference put on by Microsoft. Always a good time! I will be presenting two talks this year:

  • Securing Silverlight
  • Debugging Silverlight

(Note that due to overlap between my MVVM Talk and Nikhil Kothari’s MVVM talk, I have agreed to switch my talk to one on Silverlight Security).

TechDays SwedenTechDays

March 22-23, 2010 - Örebro, Sweden

No, I don’t know swedish but I am looking forward to seeing my Svensk fans. Its a great conference with great speakers.  I’ll be doing one talk at the event:

  • Architecting Silverlight Line of Business Apps


April 12-14, 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

This is the event where Visual Studio 2010 will be launched.  I will be doing a number of talks at this event:

  • Building Behaviors for Silverlight 4
  • Ninja Data Binding
  • Validating Data in Silverlight
  • Will It Blend?