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Where to See Me At MIX10
Where to See Me At MIX10
March 10, 2010

This weekend i am headed to Vegas for a week of designer/developer love. I plan to spend a lot of time in the phone sessions as well as in the Commons visiting with people.

This year’s MIX has be really excited about both Silverlight 4’s continued maturation as well as the XNA/Silverlight 4 story on the phone. I really want to connect with designers who have spent a year with Sketchflow and see how the tool is working in their ‘day jobs’.

Not coincidently I am also speaking at MIX this year. My talks are:

Debugging Microsoft Silverlight Applications

Time: Tuesday at 1:30 PM

Location: Lagoon B

Building Silverlight apps is one thing, but what happens when you get stuck? That’s where debugging comes into the picture. In this mini-talk, Shawn shows you how to do simple debugging of Silverlight code, debug data binding/validation problems, and how to debug Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services.

This is a twenty-five minute talk where I hope to help you figure out some of the debugging mysteries of Silverlight.

Securing Microsoft Silverlight Applications

Time: Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Location: Lagoon F

Come hear how to protect Silverlight applications from common threats including securing your application from intruders, eavesdroppers and users as well as protecting your code, your data and your servers from attacks. Also, hear about the key security vectors that must be considered when using Silverlight such as securing applications that often live outside firewalls.

The Rest of the Time

During the rest of the conference I will be around and at as many parties as possible…it is Vegas after all. If you want to find me, either follow my tweets, myFourSquarecheckins or my Glympses (see my Twitter feed for Glympse notifications).