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Phoney Tools Updated (WP7 Open Source Library)
Phoney Tools Updated (WP7 Open Source Library)
March 5, 2011


A new version of the Phoney Tools are available now (v0.3.1). This is the last Alpha release before I get ready for Beta in the next couple of weeks.  The official release is slated for MIX11!

Changes in this version include:

  • Refactored FadingMessage class to not allow concurrent messages, but you can get the behavior by deriving your own FadingMessage class (example is shown in the Example app).
  • Added new Converters: StringFormat, VisibilityConverter, NullVisibilityConverter, MoneyConverter and DateTime Converter.
  • Added new class called GameTimer to handle the FrameworkDispatcher.Update for you when using certain XNA libraries from Silverlight.
  • Added new class called MicrophoneRecorder to simplify recording sound.
  • Added new class called SoundEffectPlayer to simplify playing sounds without a MediaElement.
  • Added new class called PhoneNetworking to allow you to detect what type of network connection the phone is using (if any).
  • Fixed a number of small bugs.
  • Refactored the Example application to show off all the new features.

You can get the library by going to or using NuGet to get the latest Phoney Tools package!

Let me know what you think!