Phone Tools reaches Beta!

March 17, 2011
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I am proud to announce the Beta version of the Phoney Tools. This version (v0.5) includes a few new features that are detailed below. The official release is still slated for MIX11!

Changes in this version include:

SelectSwitch Control

This control is used to show a toggling button that shows a ‘indicator’ to indicate enabling and an optional piece of text to indicate the choice. The control is meant to be a replacement for ToggleSwitch which users tend to want to swipe instead of tap. This is especially problematic on Pivots or Panoramas. You can see the control here:

SelectSwitch Control

SimpleLongListSelector Control

This control is used to replace the existing LongListSelector in the Silverlight Toolkit for the Windows Phone 7. In fact it derives from that control. The problem that this control is solving is that the LongListSelector requires you create a lot of templates and custom data structures to work well. While this is often going to be the right way, this derived version has default values to show a standard look and feel for the control.


Don’t forget the complete feature list:

  • FadingMessage class
  • SelectSwitch Control
  • SimpleLongListSelector Control
  • BitlyHelper class
  • PhoneLogger class
  • ObservableObject class
  • Phone Resources classes
  • Converters
  • GameTimer class
  • MicrophoneRecorder class
  • SoundEffectPlayer class
  • PhoneNetworking class

You can get the library by going to or using NuGet to get the latest Phoney Tools package!

Let me know what you think!