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Phoney Tools v0.7 Released
Phoney Tools v0.7 Released
March 29, 2011


We’re marching towards MIX11 and the Phoney Tools will be ready. The new version is now available that includes a couple of new features and a few bug fixes.  The changes include:


I find it painful to play the trial-and-error approach when specifying the InputScope of a TextBox. To alleviate this I’ve created an attached property where you can specify what you require from an input scope and have it assigned for you.  To use this you simply apply an attached property called** InputPanelProvider.Requirements**. This attached property allows you to include an InputPanelRequirements object which specifies what features you need from an InputScope.  You can see it at work here:

    <pt:InputPanelRequirements AutoCorrect="true"
                               SpecialKeys="Chat" />


This class allows you to handle Enumerations in an easier

// Get Names returns an array of strings 
// for all the values in an enumeration
IEnumerable<string> names =  

// Parse (Generic) used to convert a 
// name back to an Enumeration value:
var value = 

I generously ‘borrowed’ the GetNames implementation from a StackOverflow question so I want to thank the original author since they haven’t responded to my emails ;)

Bug Fixes

The big change was to change the margin on the SelectSwitch control to help make it reduce failed tapping on the control.

Let me know if you any questions about the toolkit!