Phoney Tools 1.0 Released!


UPDATE: Last update (hopefully for a bit), found another issue and now that NuGet is up, the new package is ther for 1.0.3.

UPDATE: Another small issue.  1.0.2.  That’s why you should use NuGet ;)

UPDATE: Found a small issue, if you downloaded 1.0, please go get 1.0.1!

I am proud to announce that PhoneyTools has now reached 1.0! If you haven’t had a chance to look at the project, it’s a collection of tools for your Windows Phone 7 applications.  The PhoneyTools project includes:


  • FadingMessage class
  • SelectSwitch Control
  • SimpleLongListSelector Control
  • ClearableTextbox Control


  • BitlyHelper class
  • GravatarHelper class
  • InstaPaperHelper class
  • InputScopeHelper class
  • EnumHelper class

Other Classes

  • GameTimer class
  • InputPanelProvider
  • MD5Managed class
  • MicrophoneRecorder class
  • ObservableObject class
  • Phone Resources classes
  • PhoneNetworking class
  • PhoneLogger class
  • SoundEffectPlayer class
  • ObstructionDetector class


  • DateTimeConverter
  • MoneyConverter
  • NullVisibilityConverter
  • StringCaseConverter
  • StringFormatConverter
  • UnHtmlConverter
  • VisibilityConverter

Getting Phoney Tools

You can get the Phoney Tools in three ways: