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My New Course: JavaScript for C# Devs
My New Course: JavaScript for C# Devs
August 31, 2012

If you are a C# developer who is ready to take on JavaScript, I have thecourse for you. The goal of the new course is to help C# developers understand the nature of JavaScript so you can write JavaScript like a native speaker. This is for developers who need JavaScript for any of the popular places to use JavaScript including:

  • Client-side Web Development
  • Mobile Development with PhoneGap
  • Windows 8 Development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • NodeJS

The course aims to map C# features directly to JavaScript features so you can understand many key topics including:

  • Comparing the Type Systems
  • The nature of Functions in JavaScript
  • Making sense of the ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Practical Lessons of using JavaScript

This course is not platform focused but language focused so no matter where you’re going to use JavaScript, I hope this course can help you ramp up quickly to the language! See it here: