New Course on .NET Code Reviews

May 1, 2014
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One of the things that I help companies with are code reviews. I love doing code reviews. It let’s me look at a large codebase with fresh eyes and help a company out with a set of recommendations for improving their process, teams and code.

After doing enough of these some patterns emerged. From this has come my new Pluralsight course on Lessons Learned from Real World .NET Code Reviews.

The purpose of this new course is to show you some of the lessons that can be learned through code reviews. I’ve broken up the lessons into several parts:

What are Code Reviews

Lessons for C#

Lessons for Classes

Lessons for ASP.NET

Lessons for Architecture

My hope is that this course can help you see some of the common problems that many large code bases suffer from as well as why doing your own internal code reviews can be a great asset. If you have a Pluralsight subscription, you can view the course here:

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