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On the Road Again...
On the Road Again...
May 6, 2016

The Hello World Road Trip part two has started. Me and the missus headed out of Atlanta to Belgium for our first stop.

We arrived at Techorama, I did a couple of talks and recorded our Belgium podcast with the great Bill Wagner. That should be up this weekend.

We have just over half of the stops left in the trip. If you want a chance to see me record a live podcast and talk about ASP.NET Core, sign up for this free event in the following cities:

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

New York City, NY

Boston, MA

Burlington, VT

Montreal, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Detroit, MI

Chicago, IL

St. Louis, MO

Denver, CO

Don’t forget that we’re giving away over $7,500 in prizes at each event and feeding you too! It should be fun no matter which stop you see me at.