New Day for Wilder Minds Training

As many of you know, I’ve been making courses for Pluralsight for a long time now. I think my first course was released in 2011.

I made a decision early on to only make Pluralsight video courses so that I didn’t have to worry about exclusivity of topics. They’ve made me very happy over the years. But I think it’s time to stretch a little.

New Online Training Courses

This big change is coming about as a result of how successful Pluralsight has become. Because so many authors want to make courses for them, I don’t always have the chance to write about topics I am invested in. I can’t blame them. The difficulty in keeping all the authors happy cannot be an easy one.

Let me be clear, I am still going to write courses for Pluralsight and continue to support the courses I have in their library. But to give me more flexibility and have an outlet for topics that might be too popular or not popular enough for Pluralsight, I’m creating my own set of courses for sale on my training site.

The first course will be a short, 1 hour course on Font Awesome that is releasing next Monday (February 5, 2018). This course is completely free! You’ll need to sign-up to get access to the course. You can sign-up today and get notified when the course is released next week:

Enroll for Free for “Introducing Font Awesome 5”

In addition, the two courses that follow that are:

  • Bootstrap 4 by Example (Coming March 1, 2018)
  • Vue.js by Example (Coming May 1, 2018)

If you have ideas of what courses you’d be interested in adding to that list, please contact me at:

Contact Me

You can see the descriptions of the new courses and pre-enroll at the website:

Wilder Minds Online Courses

Onsite Training

At the same time, I’ve decided to take more time in doing face-to-face training as well. I’ll start accepting on-site training opportunities for companies that want to get their staff up to speed with the topics I care about (e.g. ASP.NET Core, Angular, Vue.js, API Design, etc.). If you or your company is interested in onsite training, please feel free to see what we offer at:

Onsite Training

Coaching Too…

Lastly, like I’ve always done, I am still doing mentoring and coaching. If training isn’t exactly what your company needs, coaching let’s you have access to direct one-on-one mentoring with me. If you interested, please contact me here: