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Not Sure the Copy Bug in Gone in Vista SP1

I am copying a video file across my wireless network (though this particular machine is kinda flaky, so it might not be Vista's fault) but I thought this was funny:

Atlanta Code Camp 2008 Presentation Slides and Demos

As promised here are the slides and demo's from my talks at the Atlanta Code Camp yesterday. It was a great time and I got to see a lot of attendees and speakers who I haven't seen in a while. 

My big embarrassment moment was at the speaker's dinner when I saw David Silverlight and completely forgot who he was (i've met him a number of times).  When I heard he'd just flown in from Florida, I asked him, "Did you fly in with David Silverlight?".  He promptly replied, "In a sense, yes..."  I was so red faced. 

Speaking at the Atlanta Code Camp


This weekend I will be at the Atlanta Code Camp this Saturday. I have four talks and they follow the predictable Silverlight and Data topics. Here are the talks:

Results of the Data Access Poll

If you havent voted, please feel free to vote for what data access strategy here:

Few Seats Left for Silverlight Tour - Seattle


If you are interested in attending the upcoming Silverlight Tour stop in Seattle on April 9-11th, there are only a handful of seats left.  Be sure and sign up soon.  We only accomodate sixteen students per class to make sure everyone can get the attention they deserve.

Silverlight SeeqPod Player now Silverlight 2 (with SourceCode)


In my weekend attempt to upgrade some of my older examples, the Silverlight SeeqPod Player is now all Silverlight 2. 

My Silverlight Page now using Silverlight 2


Its not a dramatic change, but I've ported my Silverlight 1.0 Silverlight page to use Silverlight 2.  There were some interesting lessons learned:

Converting ASP.NET 2.0 to 3.5 for sites that use Silverlight 1.0

Quick fix for a problem that was haunting me today:

If you upgrade an ASP.NET 2.0 app to 3.5 and have .xaml files in your project that are part of a Silverlight 1.0 or 1.1 project, the conversion wizard converters them to Build-type: "Page" and adds a custom build for building the WPF files.  If this happens you'll get a cryptic error:

Great Dissection of DeepZoom (and Constrast to Competitors)


Jon Galloway has a new blog entry where he discussed and dissects DeepZoom. He explains it better than most and is really worth a read.  Of particular interest is the comparison with other technologies (e.g. Google Maps, Zoomorama, etc.).  He really makes some key points to explain why this is important to the Silverlight platform.  If you care about Silverlight, read it now.

Creating Linkable Silverlight Applications


I've been teaching my students to be careful not to create Silverlight projects that alienate users and break the basic working of the web.  One of the things I've explained is that you need to make it so that the back button and links work (where applicable) in your applications. I haven't had a good example to show them until now.

Data Access Strategies

I had interesting conversations with a number of people about different data access/ORM strategies at MIX recently and was trying to understand where people are spending their efforts in consuming data. The conversation was essentially a discussion of who is using what to access data in .NET applications. I had assumed that certain solutions were widely used and others were not but I didn't have a good idea of what the market was really like. To help me with this I am asking you (my readers) to share with me where you are investing time in data access by taking the following poll:

Nice Silverlight 1.0 Ad


This is an excellent looking Silverlight 1 ad that I found on Microsoft's site today.  Clear, consise and a bit sexy.

Arthur C. Clarke: 1917 - 2008 - RIP


Arthur C. Clarke had an astounding impact on my life as a young boy. His magical mix of hard science and science fiction kept me rapt with wonder of the world.  Rendezvous with Rama and Childhood's End profoundly impacted my vision of what is possible.

Silverlight Controls Source Code (and Testing Framework) Available Now!


Brad Abrams announced the availablility (as promised at MIX 08) of the source code for the Silverlight controls and all 2000+ unit tests for the controls...including a unit test framework for Silvelright 2. I will have a look once I get home from teaching the Silverlight Tour.  I might have to add Unit Testing to the class ;)

Cross Domain Bug in Silverlight 2


If you don't know Ian Griffiths, you should.  He's the co-author of my favorite WPF book (with Chris Sells)*.  Ian has a great post today that details a bug with the Silverlight 2 Cross Domain Policy file.  It seems that the Flash crossdomain.xml file is working, but the Silverlight policy file is broken.  Take a read if you are doing cross-domain and pulling out your hair...its a great tip.

Visual Studio 2008 PowerCommands


Not sure when these were released but someone on Witty mentioned this release. Its a cool number of little features for Visual Studio:

Silverlight 2 and Synchronous Operations

There is a lot of chatter on the Silverlight Forums ( about the lack of synchronous behavior with some of the .NET BCL that is included. It has made a number of people angry and unhappy.  I wanted to venture an opinion about this.

I think that supporting only asynchronous behavior is the right approach. If you've done much client-side web development, you've probably accidently created a tight-looping JavaScript code knows that it is frightfully easy to lockup the browser.

10,000 XBox Live Gamer Points...Nice

I finally hit 10,000 XBox Live Gamer Points. How's that for a testiment to wasted time?  Burnout Paradise finally put me over the top, though I thought it would be Assassin's Creed or the Mass Effect DLC. 

Atlanta Code Camp 08!


Its that time again.  The Atlanta Code Camp is open for registration.  I will certainly be doing a bunch of Silverlight 2 talks (though I am not sure how many yet). If you want a day of fun, learning new technologies and a way to meet the cream of the crop of the Atlanta speakers...register now!

Source Code Now Available for my AGGames Silverlight 2 Example


In case you missed it, I have an example Silverlight 2 application that I wrote to work out my understanding of Silverlight 2 (for my course

MLB's Silverlight Usage...


As you might know, I am an avid baseball fan so I am listening to spring training baseball via I'd heard about the use of Silverlight by MLB being a big deal which is cool.  Here's the view of the audio player:

PhotoZoom - MSLabs Site using Seadragon and Silverlight 2


There is a new MSLabs site that lets you upload your own photos and it creates Seadragon (e.g. DeepZoom) photos from them.  It uses Silverlight 2 to display the photos so you can zoom in and out int he different resolutions.  Its a nice example of a simple use of the MultiScaleImage control in Silverlight 2.

Solution for Silverlight 2 Tools Crashing VS 2008

I've been noticing that VS 2008 was crashing a lot for me since installing the Silverlight 2 VS 2008 Tools.  It seems that Cider is freaking out but Jon Galloway came to my rescue.  If you're experiencing the crashes, go to:

   Tools->Options->Text Editors->XAML->Misc->Default View

Silverlight Tour Launches its first Silverlight 2 Workshop on March 17th-19th!


I wanted to remind my readers that I am teaching my first Silverlight 2 workshop in Dallas, TX on March 17th-19th so register now if you want to attend.  The new workshop covers Silverlight 2 so if you want to get up and running with the new technology, please join me in Dallas!

Deep Zoom Composer Preview Available


If you want to create your own Seadragon images for use with Silverlight 2, run over and grab the new preview of the composer.  I haven't time to dig in deeply, but will soon blog about them.

For those who aren't familiar with this technology, it is a way to compose a file that containts multiple images (usually different resolutions of the same image) so that users can zoom in and out of an image without downloading all of a large image file. Silverlight 2 supports this with a new control called the MultiScaleImage control which is much like the normal image control but supports these different levels of image and support downloading pieces on demand.

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