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Speaking at DevLink!
Speaking at DevLink!
August 1, 2010


This week, from August 5-7th, DevLink in Nashville, TN will be holding their annual conference. If you haven’t been before its too late to attend (its sold out). But you should really save the date for next year. This conference is a small conference (about 800 attendees) with lots of great content. The real magic is that its only $100 to attend which makes it really approachable and affordable.

For those of you who already are coming, i’ll be there and I am doing four talks including one that hasn’t been announced quite yet.  Here are the talks:

  • Architecting Silverlight Applications
  • Picking a Data Platform for Silverlight
  • An overview of OData
  • Programming WP7 with Silverlight

The last talk (the Windows Phone 7 talk) is new and hasn’t made it into the schedule yet.  I’ll be showing off WP7 development and an actual hardware device!

My company (Agilitrain) is also sponsoring the event so when I am not doing talks, stop by and say hello at our booth.  We’ll have some swag for those of you who love that stuff.

See you there!