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My Windows Phone 7 Workshop at DevConnections
My Windows Phone 7 Workshop at DevConnections
September 23, 2010

My Windows Phone 7 Workshop at DevConnections is coming up on November 1st ( in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas strip! If you are looking for a way to quickly get up to speed on building Silverlight applications using Silverlight for the Windows Phone, its time to sign up!

The workshop will include:

**Designing for the Phone **

  • Metro Explained
  • Working with Screen Sizes
  • Integrating Touch
  • Why Panorama Applications Make Sense
  • Making sense of the Page Model
  • Understanding Connectivity
  • Understanding the App Lifecycle
  • Integrating with the AppStore

**Silverlight on the Phone **

  • Sizing Your Application
  • Intermittent Network Access
  • Memory Size Issues
  • Scaling to Phone Performance
  • Understanding the Input Model

**Building for the Phone **

  • Working with Phone Services
  • Orientation Changes
  • Geo-Location Integration
  • Contact List Access
  • Making Calls
  • Accessing the Accelerometer
  • Hardware Buttons
  • Working with the Notification Service
  • Creating Live Hub Icons

We’ll sponsor a Windows Phone 7 app contest as part of the workshop. Details will be distributed at the workshop.

If you’re interested in signing up, see the DevConnections site here: