Atlanta Code Camp 2013: Done!

August 25, 2013
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I want to thank all the attendees, speakers and my compatriots in planning the Atlanta Code Camp. I had a great time helping make this event the best one we’ve had so far. Some of the numbers:

428 attendees (including speakers and sponsors)

54 Talks Given (plus a great Keynote)

Lots of prizes given

It was my pleasure to build the website and over the next couple of days the speaker’s slides and codes will show up on the site. Please refer to for this year’s content. And watch there for next year’s code camp when we announce it!

As for me, my talk on Mobile-First Responsive Design was a full-house and I think it went well. If you’re looking for the code and slides, they are here:



If you want to rate this talk, please visit Speaker Rate:

Hope you enjoyed the event too!